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Palliative care professionals (physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers and so on) from Eastern and Central Europe are meant to be the core of ECEPT. When delegates from countries as exotic as Mongolia applied for membership the issue was raised of whether to accept or not representatives from outside Europe. It was decided to accept them considering their pioneering role in palliative care. Representatives of organisations supporting ECEPT may also apply for membership.

According to the Articles of ECEPT full membership may be granted to :

a/ adults Polish citizens or foreigners residing in the territory of Republic of Poland who support the cause of ECEPT and declare active involvement in the fulfilment of its objectives.
b/ foreigners who are not residents of Republic of Poland.

A supporting member may be a physical or legal person, irrespective of the person's residence or registered address in Poland or abroad, who agrees to be granted a membership of ECEPT for his/her contribution to the fulfilment of its objectives.

A full member of the ECEPT shall have:

1/ active and passive electoral rights in the elections of ECEPT bodies.
2/ the right to attend any activities related to the fulfilment of the objectives of ECEPT.

A full member of the ECEPT is required to:

a/ take part in the activities of ECEPT,
b/ comply with the Articles of Association and the resolutions of ECEPT bodies,