Odszedł największy POLAK,
obywatel świata,
Karol Wojtyła
"I proszę abyście się za mnie tu modlili za życia mojego i po mojej śmierci".
[podczas pierwszej pielgrzymki do Polski, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, 1979 rok]

Professor Jacek Luczak
Poznań, 2nd of April 2005

To all hospice professionals and volunteers of palliative care centers. Let's join in SOLIDARITY and prayer, in deep pain after the loss of John Paul II, the spiritual Father of all Hospice and Palliative Care Movement. Let's ask God to let him will still be our guide-post and light in our service for those suffering and dying in our care and for their families. Let's pray by our work and acts. On behalf of the staff of Palliative Medicine Chair and Department of Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Palium Hospice and the Board of Eastern and Central Europe Palliative Care Task Force (ECEPT), Poznan Branch of Polish Association For Palliative Care and members of palliative care course for physicians specializing in palliative medicine.